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 This is our help menu. If you are new to the site, please take some time to read and familiarise yourself to the site.

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Navigation / Selection
On the top of the page, you will find a selection menu where you can browse the different brands of accessories. On the left of the page, you will find a selection menu which allows you to select the various types of accessories.

Thumbnail gallery
At the center of the page, you have a gallery of thumbnail images of items under your selection. When a thumbnail image is clicked, it will open an enlarged version of the image on the right of the page. You can view the thumbnails by:

All items - This will display all the items under your selection including all the colours offered under the same design.

Unique items - The gallery will showcase only unique items i.e. each item is a different design. However, the variety of colours are offered below the thumbnail.

Model - When the model number (on top of each thumbnail) is clicked, the gallery will only display items of the same model, however, in a variety of colours.

Display numbers - The gallery can display 8, 16 or 32 thumbnails on each page depending on your selection via the link beside the page numbers.

Sorted order - The gallery will, by default, sort the items by model number. However, you can also sort the items by popularity and date via the link beside the number of pages displayed on top the gallery.

Model, Colour and Item numbers
Model number - Different designs are each represented with an unique 6-digit model number. The model number of the item is display above the thumbnail image.

Colour number - Colour information is represented with a 7-digit number along with its colours. The Colour number is displayed below the thumbnail image.

Item number - The Model number together with the Colour number form the 13-digit Item number i.e. it consists of the Model number (6-digit) followed by the Colour number (7-digit). When making an order, the Item number is essential because it provides the design (by Model number) and its colour (by Colour number).

To narrow your selection, you can search via the link on the top of the gallery. You can search by:

Accessory - You can specify the type of accessory. Afterwhich, you need to select the colours or the price range or both the colours and price range.

Colour - You can select one of the colour range and the gallery will display items matching your selection.

Price - You can select the price range and the gallery will display items matching your selection.

Model or Item number - You can search by specifying the Model number (6-digit) or the Item number (13-digit).

Past orders - You can search the items in your past orders by entering your email address used in your purchase of the items.

My Favourites
Upon selecting the checkbox below the thumbnail, the item will be added into My Favourites. This will allow you to compare your favourite items prior to making a purchase. To purchase the item inside My Favourites, you can Add to cart the desired items. For any items added to cart, it will display Inside cart. To remove items from My Favourites, you can deselect the corresponding check box.

View Cart
Once the item from My Favourite has been added to cart, it will show up when you view Cart. The total price of items is displayed below the list of items. You will need to select the destination country for delivery and upon selecting, it will display the delivery cost. Only then can you proceed to Buy Now.

The prices of items, by default, is 'usd' currency. To change to another currency, you can click here or alternatively, you can go to the link at the bottom of the page.

Upon checking out, the customer will be transported to PayPal's system where he is required to provide his credit card details. After successfully verifying the customer's card, he will be notified via email of the order confirmation. The order is subsequently processed. When the order is not available due to unavailability of goods, the customer will be notified of the unavailability and the amount paid will be redunded. Should the order be delayed, the customer will be notified of its delay.

Terms and Conditions - You can read the entire terms and conditions under Customer Service link as found on the top menu of the page

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - You can read a compiled list of frequently asked questions

Contact us - You can email us at and we will respond within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can reach us at +86 13710 795596 from Monday to Sunday except Public Holidays.

Past Orders / Status of Delivery
You can view your past orders and status of the delivery by providing your email address as used in the purchase of the items. This email address will be similar to the email as used in your Paypal account. Your past orders can be accessed within My Favourites and View Cart.